The Thermochef is an amazing kitchen appliance that has the functions of over 10 different units in one compact and easy to use unit. It has the ability to chop, grind, steam, knead, weigh, cook, fry, smash and many more, all in one touch. Now you can spend less time to wash up and spend more of your time on cooking or leisure. Cooking wholesome and nutritious foods for your family just got a whole lot easier.

Thermochef Natura has been called "Kitchen Robot", "Super Kitchen Machine" and "The Smartest and Smallest Kitchen" in the Europe.

It's so easy, versatile and convenient

Leisure Time eating


Thermochef Natura allows you to cook the recipe you may never have attempted before. Now you can spend less time in the kitchen and have more of your leisure time. With Thermochef Natura, you can cook healthy and delicious dishes from minutes to seconds all in one touch. It simplifies your way of cooking and offers a wide variety of delicious recipes.

Kids can join to cook


Choosing the right menu for family isn't easy especially when there are small children. With Thermochef Natura, anyone can cook and be great chef cause it's so easy to use with the recipe guide provided. Nothing beats the experience of cooking and have delicious dishes together with your children. Thermochef Natura let your family dare to experiment and invent recipe.

Variety of Dishes


The Thermochef food processor is the easiest way to cook delicious and healthy dishes. Thermochef has been designed to produce all types of dishes perfectly thanks to its patented induction system. Because Thermochef has been devised to adapt itself to you. Now cooking with Thermochef means knowing how to cook.